Bone Regeneration

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Bone Regeneration services offered in Weston, FL

Gum disease not only affects your gums but may also lead to jawbone degeneration and tooth loss. At Dental Implant Specialists of Florida, Tamir Segal, DMD, and Marcela Cardona, DDS, provide bone regeneration treatments to restore bone loss and improve your oral health so you can get dental implants. Dr. Segal is the periodontist who performs bone regeneration procedures at the practice. Call the office in Weston, Florida, or schedule an appointment online today.

What is bone regeneration?

Bone regeneration is a treatment that helps rebuild jawbone loss. Periodontitis is a serious inflammatory gum disease that affects the gum tissue and jawbone. When left untreated, periodontitis causes bone loss in the tooth's socket (alveolar bone loss). 

That type of bone loss is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in adults. At Dental Implant Specialists of Florida, Dr. Segal has advanced training in treating periodontitis and bone loss with bone regeneration procedures. 

Bone regeneration can restore your facial features and oral function.

What are the benefits of bone regeneration?

Bone regeneration following periodontitis offers many benefits. Dental Implant Specialists of Florida provides this specialized service to:

  • Improve gum health
  • Rebuild jawbone
  • Support natural teeth or dental implants
  • Enhance facial features
  • Promote the growth of healthy tissue

Dental Implant Specialists of Florida recommends treating periodontal disease before starting bone regeneration. Treating the infection first ensures you get the best possible outcomes and reduces the risk of complications.  

What are the types of bone regeneration?

Dental Implant Specialists of Florida uses a few types of bone regeneration techniques to restore jawbone loss:

Socket graft

When you lose a tooth, the gum socket erodes over time. The socket graft protects the socket and encourages new bone growth to support a dental implant. 

Ridge preservation graft

A ridge preservation graft is a bone graft that increases the width of the eroded jawbone, improving stability for a dental implant. 

Sinus graft

Loss of the upper back teeth in the mouth may cause the sinus cavity to drop. A sinus graft is a bone graft that supports the back teeth, preventing changes in the position of the sinus cavity.

Am I a candidate for bone regeneration?

Schedule a consultation with a periodontist at Dental Implant Specialists of Florida to see if you're a candidate for bone regeneration. They provide this innovative treatment for people with tooth loss, periodontal disease, and tooth decay. 

Dr. Segal also provides bone regeneration for people with tooth loss from trauma.

To schedule your bone regeneration consultation at Dental Implant Specialists of Florida, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.