Oral Diagnosis and Biopsy

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Oral Diagnosis and Biopsy services offered in Weston, FL

Oral cancer is a major risk among people who use tobacco, drink alcohol, or have a family history of oral cancer. At Dental Implant Specialists of Florida in Weston, Florida, Tamir Segal, DMD, and Marcela Cardona, DDS, provide oral diagnosis and biopsy services to screen for oral cancer and identify the condition in its earliest possible stages. To find out if you can benefit from an oral cancer screening, schedule an appointment by phone or book online today.

What are oral diagnosis and biopsy services?

Oral diagnosis and biopsy are services that help Dental Implant Specialists of Florida pinpoint the condition or conditions affecting your oral health. After examining you and asking for details about any pain or symptoms you experience, the team decides which diagnostic services you might need. They routinely use:

X-ray imaging

X-ray imaging can show just how deeply cancer or infection spreads among your oral tissues. X-rays can also identify tooth and bone problems such as cavities and jawbone erosion. 

Tissue biopsies

Oral tissue biopsies are a valuable tool for identifying oral cancer. The team checks your jaw, throat, tongue, and gums for any possible signs of oral cancer and takes a tissue sample from any suspicious areas. They then examine that sample more closely in a laboratory. 

When might I need oral diagnosis and biopsy services?

The Dental Implant Specialists of Florida team encourages you to be aware of the symptoms of oral cancer and to schedule an appointment if you notice any of them. You should book an appointment for oral diagnosis and biopsy services right away if you notice:

  • A prolonged sore or mouth irritation
  • Red or white patches in your mouth
  • Mouth pain
  • Mouth numbness
  • A lump in your oral tissue

These symptoms don’t always indicate oral cancer, but diagnosis and biopsy services can help you get the answers you need. Your provider explains your test results to you and lets you know the next steps you need to take. 

Do I need to get oral cancer screenings?

Dental Implant Specialists of Florida helps you review your oral cancer risk factors and lets you know if you should consider getting frequent oral cancer screenings. Screenings can detect oral cancer or its warning signs before you experience any symptoms. 

While nearly everyone should get an oral cancer screening once a year, you might need more frequent screenings if you:

  • Smoke or chew tobacco
  • Drink alcohol on a regular basis
  • Spend a lot of time in direct sunlight
  • Have a medical history of oral cancer

Identifying oral cancer with oral diagnosis and biopsy services increases your chances of finding cancer in an early stage. That gives you the best possible chance of removing the cancer entirely. 

For more details on the process of oral diagnosis and biopsy, call Dental Implant Specialists of Florida or schedule an appointment online today.